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Cane Furniture Company

The Cane Company has over 20 years experience sourcing the finest quality cane, sea grass and rattan furniture. Our factories in Indonesia and the Philippines offer us quality we can find no where else, and where the trends have changed over the years the quality in our conservatory furniture has always remained the same; excellent.

Rattan and cane furniture is perfect for the conservatory due to its naturally acquired durability for hot and cold conditions. Wood and leather furniture dry out promptly in hot conditions, and upholstered suites do not last in direct sunlight due to fading.

Our Rattan and Cane Furniture Quality

The rattan we use on all our conservatory furniture suites is core rattan. Core rattan comes from the inside of cane; it’s stronger, smoother and tougher than rattans. The other noticeable quality improvement is that core rattan doesn’t ‘squeak’ or make unpleasant noises when you first sit in it.

Cane furniture can come in different build qualities however the cane material from Indonesia is superb wherever you buy. Indonesian cane is incredibly strong but also easy to work with, allowing our designers variety and choice in their conservatory furniture models.

Seagrass: Tough conservatory furniture Once dried, the seagrass is then tightly hand twisted making it exceptionally hard. Seagrass is our toughest material and although hard to work with, it makes superb conservatory furniture.

Eco Friendly Furniture – Natural Materials

Our conservatory furniture is made from natural materials that are harvested from certified plantations, making sure that these magnificent species are not depleted. Read more about the Cane Furniture Trade.

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