The Beauty of Rattan Furniture

The qualities of Rattan make it one of nature’s much-loved materials in furniture making especially when it is desirable to attain a natural look. Rattan furniture is beautiful, durable and flexible, and so can easily be shaped according to specific needs. The unique qualities of the Rattan material make it possible to be stained into a wide variety of colours.

Eco-Friendly Furniture

Rattan is the fastest growing hardwood known on earth hence its regeneration supports the ecological balance. The Rattan plant matures in just about 2 months compared to 60 or more years that typical hardwoods take before attaining maturity. This is a pertinent factor if environmental considerations count to you.


The natural appeal of Rattan furniture makes it delightful wherever you will choose to have it, whether at home or in your office. Rattan pieces make great furnishings for the conservatory and readily give it that easy and natural look that would make your conservatory the place of rest and relaxation it ought to be. If used in the office environment, they avail a refreshingly welcome look and feel.

The versatility of Rattan furniture endears it to many. They can be used in lobbies, common areas, restaurants, hotels, pool sides and conservatories at home. They are durable, whether used indoors or outdoors, and are easily cared for.

Rattan is highly tensile and durable. It is known to be as strong as steel. Buying Rattan items of furniture assures you of not having to replace your furniture pieces soon which is kind to your budget.


The beauty and appeal of Rattan furniture is that it is easily constructed into various items ― tables, chairs, dining room sets, bar stools, sofas, rocking chairs, lounges, dressers, vanity sets, porch chairs and coffee tables, chest of drawers, baskets and wine stands.

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