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Cane furniture is made for both indoor and outdoor uses. Those designed for outdoor use, such as providing comfortable seating in your garden, patio, lawn, terrace and other places, have to be made with specially treated rattan stems and skins. The different and unique look of this furniture, coupled with its simplicity has made them quite popular among Europeans, when compared with the modern furniture available throughout the world. For sturdy indoor uses, Cane furniture is available as kitchen stools, dining chairs, lounge chairs, rocking and swivel chairs. In some models, they come with matching cushions made with a variety of material choices, the natural preference being coconut fiber.

Variety of availability

Relaxing your body and mind in your garden is doubtlessly done better with the Cane furniture, available as rocking and swivel chairs. The hanging chair with a heavy spring or ropes is just as cool as with comfy seating and a pillow for added luxury. This basket like chair is hung from the beams or the ceilings and the height from the ground can be easily adjusted according to the taste of the person who uses it. Rattan chairs are constructed in many comfortable contours, like egg-shaped, cup-shaped and bowl-shaped varieties.

Wicker and Cane

Many people wrongly think that the terms ‘wicker’ and ‘rattan’ both refer to the same type of furniture. Some would even think that they are different types of furniture. In reality, the term ‘wicker’ is used for one of the processing techniques and the term ‘rattan’ is used for the raw material that is processed. But generally, wicker is the type of processing method, mostly associated with the rattan furniture, and hence most people call it wicker cane furniture.


When you buy cane furniture for outdoor uses, you are providing an atmosphere of sophisticated relaxation. In other words, you are bringing the living style to a relaxed atmosphere. On the other hand, when you provide rattan furniture for indoor usage, you are bringing the relaxed tone inside your living room.

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