Cane furniture trade and international markets

Cane has always been a popular choice for furniture material in tropical countries where the weather is warm. However in the last decade or so the cane furniture trade has seen a boom in the international markets as well. This is primarily due to the fact that there has been a growing demand for cane furniture from countries like Canada and the United States.

Versatility of cane furniture

A very big contributor to the boom in the cane furniture trade is the fact that cane furniture is extremely versatile. This means it can be used outdoors as well as indoors. This feature seems to have scored well with the hospitality industry. Added to this is the fact that cane furniture is really long lasting and therefore great value for money. They are also great for use in resorts as it give the environment a very tropical, warm and relaxing feel. Another reason that cane furniture is considered so versatile is because of it colour. Its natural colour is very easy to match and can fit into any theme without too much trouble.

International awareness

There is a lot of awareness that is being created about cane furniture all over the world because of international conventions and fairs. These conventions and fairs make people aware of the plus points of using cane furniture as opposed to their regular furniture. This is another reason that the cane furniture trade has seen a boom in the recent years in the west.

Environmentally friendly

Another important factor that seems to have contributed to the cane furniture trade boom is the fact that it is the most environmentally friendly. Most of the cane that is used to make this kind of furniture comes from plantations that grow it especially for this purpose so that there is no damage to the environments and forest.

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