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Here at the Cane Company we specialise in manufacturing modern cane furniture plus rattan and wicker weave furniture for the home and garden.

What is cane?
Cane is a type of grass that grows rapidly in tropical climates throughout the world. Most of our cane furniture is manufactured in Indonesia and the Philippines. Supplies of cane are thought to be never ending due to the constant growth found in these countries.

Do you find different qualities of cane?
Yes. The density of the cane can vary depending on the climate, Indonesia has a fantastic supply of cane and are renowned for there quality which is why cane products are now their biggest export.

Is Cane a type of Bamboo?
Cane can be confused with Bamboo; the big difference between the two is that cane is solid whereas Bamboo is hollow. Cane is very strong and makes long lasting, durable furniture.

What about the cane found in the Philippines?
The Cane Company is one of the only importers to manufacture cane furniture from the Philippines in the UK. The reason for this is due to the difference in cost.

Our manufacturers in the Philippines produce superb build quality and finishing techniques. The finish of the cane is vital to look we try to gain and we feel the furniture made in the Philippines have succeeded in producing the tones we are trying to achieve.

What other natural materials do you use other than cane?
Please read our article on Rattan & Seagrass Furniture

If you have any further questions about the build quality our furniture please call or email us.

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