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Comfort, Cost and Convenience are the three important factors that one has to keep in mind while decorating a house. Rattan sofas are characteristic of the above features can definitely help in making a beautiful house for the common man. It is the perfect choice for the contemporary house of today’s world.

New Features

Rattan sofas come with some new outstanding features. Anti-UV, water-proof, sun-proof, environmental paint, colourfast, low carbon and endothermic moisture are just some to start with. They are resistant to the elements of nature and hence are more long-lasting.  Their look is contemporary and fashionable. They add to the glamour of the rooms.

Origin of Rattan Sofas

Rattan Sofas are made from ‘rattan’, a term used in general for almost six hundred species of palm. Rattan is processed to get some suitable materials for furniture making. Rattan is grows in the tropical regions and thus these sofas are manufactured in the areas where rattan is found.


Most suppliers of rattan sofas are B to B companies and there is a lot of competition in this business as there are many companies involved. The main manufacturers of rattan sofas are Taiwan, China and Indonesia as rattan grows in these parts of Asia.

The price of rattan sofas varies from about one hundred and sixty pounds to about fifteen thousand pounds. Thus the buyer can choose according to his budget. The designs are unique and up to date in every way. The variety and the different colour range are definitely eye-catching. To top it all the durability cannot be over-looked as well. Thus for any hotel, café, office or house, rattan sofas are the best option. For people who like to make a style statement, the most opt choice are rattan sofas definitely.

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