Some facts about cane furniture!

One of the most popular choices for patio and conservatory furniture is cane. However, before you decide on this material for your new furniture, you may want to learn a little bit more about the history of cane furniture.

Cane Furniture Background

The material used for caning comes from rattan vines which are skinned. These vines tend to grow in parts of Asia, such as the Philippines and Malaysia. Many of these vines are incredible long – some as long as 500 feet.

The cane material is then woven into a mesh which is stretched over the furniture’s fame. Typically, the mesh is only used on backs and seats of chairs. Other types of cane furniture are not common. In fact, cane chairs are quite historic. The earliest known example of the art dates back more than 3,000 years and is currently on exhibit in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Western Love of Cane Furniture

Although cane furniture first developed primarily in India and was common in the second century AD in China, it took longer for the style and material to gain popularity or even recognition in the West. Thanks to the East India Company the cane furniture began to be exported to other parts of the world, including England and the Netherlands. By the late 1600’s, the furniture had quickly become popular in Europe as well as in Asia.

In France, however, the style fell out of favour for a brief time, especially for the nobility who had more opulent tastes. Eventually, the style came back into fashion when Europeans developed a passion for furniture created in the Chinese look. Today, this style of cane furniture remains popular not just in Europe but also in North America. It is definitely one of the best options available
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