Rattan Furniture looking to the future

Rattan furniture has long been a popular choice in gardens and as conservatory furniture for years. There are plenty of reasons to see why this is – it’s low maintenance, it’s better for the environment, and it’s beautiful to look at. But what does the furniture industry have in store for this beautiful furniture? Will its popularity continue?

The Popularity of Rattan

If you’re going to be adding some rattan furniture to your home furnishings – outdoors or indoors – you won’t be alone. All of the signs point to a continuation of the popularity of this material more so than, cane furniture for furniture in the coming months and well into 2010. That’s no surprise given the current popularity of rattan, especially among the younger generation of homeowners.

Diverse Choices

One thing that may change when it comes to rattan furniture is the type of pieces being purchased by consumers. While standard garden sets have been the most popular options for a long time, the next buying season is likely to see an increase in the different types of pieces being purchased. For example, some people may opt for large corner sets or big 3 seat sofas for greater seating without having everyone around a big table.

Fans of Low Maintenance

While rattan furniture is definitely going to be a big seller in 2010, one of the reasons for its popularity will spread to other furnishing choices: granite table tops and stainless steel parts will also be popular because they are also going to require very little maintenance even in diverse weather conditions. Of course, you’ll want to take some precautions with you garden furnishings; otherwise, you could end up with other types of damage or you’ll have a need to clean them off thoroughly.

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