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Rattan is a natural product that grows rapidly in tropical climate countries. Rattans climb as they grow and are relatively thin in thickness, between 3mm – 6mm however there length will constantly increase throughout the life of the plant.

This incredible growth rate makes it very easy to replace the rattan used in the rattan furniture market. In comparison to most timbers grown in the area, the rattan industry is obviously much more environmentally friendly.

The best quality rattan comes from the northern regions of Indonesia where most of our rattan furniture is sourced. The rattan grown here has a higher density to that found in other areas of Southeast Asia and is less brittle therefore making it a longer lasting material.

Rattan furniture is an ideal way to furnish a sunroom, conservatory or gazebo due to its durability under the conditions. Conservatories tend to get extremely hot and sometimes very cold, and many wood will split under these conditions.

Leather will dry out and become easily torn, not to mention the fact that the colour will fade.

The natural colour of the rattan will not change over the years unless the furniture has a gloss finish. Here at the Cane Furiture Company we matt finish our entire furniture range.

Once sourced and processed, highly skilled tradesmen who pride themselves on a tight rattan weave then weave the rattan around the solid frame.

Our entire range is hand made, even the seagrass furniture - we do not make flat packed conservatory and garden furniture because not only does it leave obviously gaps in the weave, but it also creates unnecessary weaknesses in the furniture.
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