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Seagrass furniture is made from natural materials grown in water, such as Water Hyacinth. The sea grass is then firmly hand twisted and wicker woven around a cane frame. All seagrass furniture has to be extremely tightly woven so that it doesn’t unravel of the years.
The seagrass tends to have a smoother finish, without that prickly texture you can get when wicker weaving rattan.

Our range of seagrass furniture is produced from the Water Hyacinth, which is found in Northern Indonesia. Characterized by aromatic lavender flowers and bright green leaves, this creative floating plant is called the myriad of inland waterways throughout it’s home.

Sea Grass furniture is most suitable for conservatory use indoors. It is most important that the Seagrass is not used in a damp area as moisture can build up and cause mould.

The Cane Company’s SeaGrass furniture will look different to everyone else’s as it is entirely hand-made, we do not sell flat pack furniture and due to this we consider our range superb quality.

Furniture made from Sea-Grass is ideal for sunrooms and conservatories, it’s range of designs, from classical to contemporary, will allow you to chose the perfect furniture for your home and it is increasingly booming in popularity.

Rattan Furniture by the Cane Company
Rattan is a solid timber vine, which grows in enormous quantities in South East Asia. Belonging to the palm family, rattan grows in a long slim stem; it is not hollow or brittle like Bamboo.

Rattan is ideal for making furniture, because when it is heated, the plant becomes flexible and so it can be shaped into a range of designs without cracking or breaking. When it cools it keeps the newly formed shape, with great durability. This allows our contemporary furniture designers great flexibility when designing our conservatory furniture range.

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