Timeless Wicker Furniture

Wicker is one of the oldest materials used to manufacture furniture and dates back to ancient Egypt. Its natural beauty as well as comfort stands unmatched even today.

What is wicker?

Wicker is a normally occurring hard fibre that is woven together to form a stiff material. It is usually comprised of a material that originates from plants like rattan stalk, bamboos, reeds etc. Since ancient times, it has been very popular for weaving baskets on account of its light weight and durability.

Advantages of having wicker furniture

A frame for the furniture made of stiff materials is first made and then filled with some more material that is pliant in nature. Wicker furniture is very light in weight, yet, is sturdy enough to be moved around frequently. Hence, they are very popular as patio furniture. Natural wicker needs periodic maintenance but these days synthetic wicker furniture is also available. The first type of synthetic wicker furniture is made of synthetic resin. The other type is a patented technology where tensile wires are wrapped around with paper. Synthetic wicker is long lasting and sometimes come with a guarantee of almost twenty years. The advantage of synthetic wicker furniture is that it looks just like natural wicker but lasts longer and reduces manufacturing costs greatly. 

Wicker furniture in great demand as antiques

In modern day, wicker furniture has evolved as a collector’s item. It has a huge demand among people who love collecting antique furniture. Hence, as they are not readily available in the market today, homes that do have natural wicker furniture are considered unique.

For those of us who like our furniture to last long, and at the same time be objects of beauty, the synthetic wicker furniture is the answer. On the other hand, for the few, who like the graceful charm and elegance of the olden days; nothing can beat the timelessness of wicker furniture.

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