Deciding on Wicker Weave Furniture

Since the Victorian times, wicker weave furniture has been a favourite for home owners. Back in those days, the warmer days of spring and summer led people to bring their furniture out of the conservatory and into the garden so they can comfortably enjoy the weather. Today, wicker weave furniture can be a great choice for either location.

Benefits of the Wicker Weave

Wicker furniture is actually made from rattan reeds. The term “wicker” refers to the way those reeds are woven together to create a pattern on the furniture. Like regular rattan, wicker weave furniture has many advantages. For one, it is easy to clean. You can use a simple vacuum cleaner to blow away dust and debris from the furniture without damaging it. Plus, both wicker weave and rattan furniture tend to be more environmentally friendly than some of the other materials used for garden and conservatory furniture.

Choosing the Right Wicker Weave

One thing you do need to be concerned about when you buying a wicker weave is its ability to withstand the elements. If you buy traditional wicker weave, you may be disappointed if you leave it too much in the sun and the elements. The rain can cause the wicker weave to become soggy while too much sun can cause the materials to dry up and start to crack. You don’t want either of these problems for your garden furniture obviously.

Now you could take a reactive approach and move your wicker weave into the shade or other protection but a better idea is to purchase all-weather wicker weave furniture. These pieces have been protected so they are not going to be harmed by the rain, snow, or UV light. While all-weather pieces may cost a bit more they will last much longer.

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